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Subject: Re: UKNM: Re: Portals?
From: Aidan Cook
Date: Fri, 21 Aug 1998 10:59:33 +0100

> The word "directories" in the list above are bookmarks. Last time I checked
> my bookmarks they weren't giving me personalised news, letting me chat to
> friends, or suggesting things I might like to buy depending on what I'm
> reading.

Okay, but as so many individual sites provide these services anyway, you
can see what I mean about bookmarks being an easy alternative to finding a
portal site that actually fits your personal needs precisely.

Just looking at my bookmarks, I've got my favourite second-hand record
store, some realaudio sites I like to listen to, Amazon, ZDnet, Leeds
United, Hotmail, CNN, MR. Slappy's punishment dungeon, the usual stuff.
I can bookmark sites which I have already set my preferences for, and get
the personalised content I'm after.

I agree that there are many, many folk out there who will never sort out
and actually use their bookmarks, but I think there's a fair overlap with
people who won't use/find portals, or who wouldn't dream of being as
pro-active as to install a plug-in. I think these are probably the same
people who will look at the front page of yahoo and never touch any of the
news/weather/stock quotes/anything else but the search.

> happy to use it as a base, at least until they realise what else is out
> there and maybe settle on a few favourite sites which they don't need a
> portal to find.

...and then bookmark them? (joke)

> I don't mean to stand up for portals, or claim they are The Future, I'm
> just trying to define what I thought was an easily definable word.
> Obviously it isn't if it causes such confusion.

And in the same way, I'm not trying to dismiss them either (I think I'm
less confused, but willing to be told I'm getting worse).

Its always going to be personal preferences isn't it? - I'll use
bookmarks, until I find a portal which perfectly fits my needs; someone
else will use a portal unless/until they decide they can find the info
themselves. Whether a portal can be developed which attracts enough people
of similar needs to justify the cost of production is a question to be
asked project by project. This is sort of why I mentioned iii.co.uk, as I
think its an example of what might be called a 'sector-specific portal'
(or SSP - sorry).

Maybe I should bookmark my work & recreational portals for easy access to
different bits of my life...

Ah well, have a nice weekend.

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