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Subject: Re: UKNM: Web Usage Stats
From: Sean Clark
Date: Tue, 25 Aug 1998 16:06:15 +0100

>While it's admirable of Sean to publish these figures, and I for
>one am always interested in such statistics, I can't help pointing
>out that to infer anything about what users in general use from
>such information is inherently flawed.

Thanks for the feedback. I agree with much of what you are saying. The
figures we quote are based on visits to only 10 sites and as such it
can't necessarily be assumed that they represent the Web as a whole.

However, the 10 sites we use (customer confidentiality prevents me from
naming them) are broad in their appeal and do get many thousands of hits
per day. Also, the stats are based on *visitor* numbers not just page
hits. So, for example, a person who visits the home page of one of our
sites and then (for what ever reason) leaves straight away would count
the same as someone who spent 30 minutes browsing the site generating
hundreds of page hits.

I take your point about the utility of stats, but I also think that as
much information as possible about what people "out there" are using to
visit Web sites can only help site design.



P.S. If anybody wants to suggest some other sites that give Web browser
stats I'll gladly link to them from our page (so long as they're not
competitors of course :-D).

sean clark | seancatheadland [dot] co [dot] uk | tel 0115 9551155
headland multimedia | www.headland.co.uk | fax 0115 9551156
cuttlefish | www.cuttlefish.com | pgr 01523 106554

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