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Subject: RE: UKNM: Web Usage Stats
From: Robin Grant
Date: Tue, 25 Aug 1998 18:39:52 +0100


I know you are bound by confidentiality agreements not to tell us which
sites the stats are from, but could you possibly include an indication of
the sample size? - i.e. how many unique browsers these stats are drawn from.

Also a bit more clarification on "international audience" would be nice -
what does this mean exactly? - are these sites targeted at UK consumers that
happen to draw a few international visitors, or are they genuinely
international sites (like beeb.com - what do you reckon Ray? ;). Any further
info would be appreciated.

Anyway, I'll stop now, before I take the piss even more. What I should have
said at the beginning of my mail is that I offer you my hearty thanks - you
are doing a good deed for the whole of the UK New Media community.

Well done sir!



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Subject: UKNM: Web Usage Stats

A while ago I remember people asking about up-to-date figures for Web
browser and computer platform usage. Well, I've added a section to the
Headland home page called "WebWatch" that supplies this information based
on visits to 10 of our most popular sites.

It's been running for about 5 days now and the figures have stablised,
revealing that around 2/3rds of all visitors to our sites use Windows 95,
just over 50% of people use IE and 35% of people still use version 3

We're going to develop the facility further in the future (it's part of a
revamp of some of our Web site reporting services) to hopefully give
information about plug-ins and other aspects of visitors' browser set-up.

If you want to visit WebWatch you'll find it at

http://www.headland.co.uk/. I hope it's of interest.



sean clark | seancatheadland [dot] co [dot] uk | tel 0115 9551155
headland multimedia | www.headland.co.uk | fax 0115 9551156
cuttlefish | www.cuttlefish.com | pgr 01523 106554

  UKNM: Web Usage Stats, Sean Clark

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