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Subject: UKNM: Sticky portals - Neoplanet
From: Steve Johnston
Date: Wed, 26 Aug 1998 11:21:58 +0100


First impressions are favourable, very responsive and intuitive, and the design is strong. I wouldn't want to use it on anything smaller than a 17" monitor. The 19" monitor I am using at 1024x768 leaves a nice approximately 800x500 window for the sites. I'll try it at home on my 15". I know this isn't the sort of feedback you are particularly interested in but first impressions are important. I'll try to look beyond the obvious US-centricity of the bookmarks, and I'll keep using it for a few days.

More later.

Steve Johnston
steveatimrg [dot] org
IMRG (Interactive Media in Retail Group)


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On 26/08/98, at 08:22, Steve Bowbrick wrote:

>OK. Let me a bit more scientific about my Neoplanet e-mail. I'm actually
>after some opinions so here's the deal. Anyone from the list who downloads
>and tries Neoplanet 2.0 http://www.neoplanet.com/beta2 and then tells me
>(or the list) what they think of it as a product and as a solution to the
>'portal problem' earns a pint of beer (or equivalent in your currency).
>It's a tiny download.
>I'm going to save Ray's comment on this topic: "...six or seven big portals
>is as many as there ever will be..." because it sounds entertainingly like
>an earlier seer's "...we anticipate the global requirement for computers
>will never exceed seven..." (paraphrase).
>The location of your portal seems to me to be the big problem right now.
>Portals are still - universally, I think - constituted as destinations,
>with all of the associated problems of attracting and keeping users in a
>sea of me-too content.
>Seth Godin from Yoyodyne says that there are eight million web sites and
>eighty million web users so if you have an audience of greater than ten you
>are already a success. You should give your eleventh punter a Vauxhall
>Astra - you're ahead of the curve. Getting from there to breakeven is the
>tough part - witness the Mutually Assured Destruction of spiralling
>'exclusive partner' fees.
>How about a portal that sidesteps the apocalyptic maths by creeping down
>the chain to the user's PC and lodging there - in the browser. A
>'persistent' or 'sticky' portal that stays in view no matter where you are

>or what you're doing. Example: Neoplanet - Bigfoot's Explorer Shell which
>is going down a storm with ISPs and Media Owners in the US where they fear
>the implacable Godin equation more than anything.
>Neoplanet is up to 2.0 and has been adopted as standard distribution by
>160+ US ISPs, some very large. Neoplanet's footprint is tiny (it uses
>Explorer's parser/renderer) and it keeps a set of centrally-controlled,
>hierarchically-organised bookmarks in view at all times, along with an ad
>opportunity and custom branding. It's like an embedded mini-Yahoo, present
>at all times, on- or off-line. I think it's a powerful model. Take a look -
>I'd welcome a discussion of its merits or otherwise.
>http://www.neoplanet.com (interest declared: Webmedia Group is a
>shareholder in Bigfoot)
>Steve Bowbrick Webmedia Group
>0171 494 3177 0468 257 570
>http://www.webmedia.com/steve steveatwebmedia [dot] com (mailto:steveatwebmedia [dot] com)
>http://www.bowbrick.com - he's very advanced for his age...

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  UKNM: sticky portals - again, Steve Bowbrick

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