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Subject: Re: UKNM: RE: Email management systems
From: Nabil Shabka
Date: Tue, 24 Aug 1999 12:56:32 +0100

I'm surprised no one has suggested one that claims to be the biggest and best
out there, http://www.messagemedia.com.
tel: 1-619-793 9476
Ask for David Ehrenthal

We haven't used the system ourselves but I've met David and everything seemed
pretty kosher.


Mike Grenville wrote:

> Elizabeth Van Couvering <evcatorganic [dot] com> wrote:
> >I'm investigating getting a system to handle email communications in
> >reasonable volume for one of our clients, who want to talk to their
> >customers on an ongoing basis.
> we have also talked to www.e2software.com which is US based with a UK office
> and are talking to www.thepartnetship.co.uk who will throw people at it.
> Mike
> Mike Grenville
> RealCall - the web calling company
> <http://www.realcall.com>
> Tel: 44+ (0) 207 233 9733

Nabil Shabka
50 Carnwath Road
London, SW6 3EG


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  UKNM: RE: Email management systems, Mike Grenville

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