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Subject: Re: UKNM: NMA
From: Tim Hayward
Date: Wed, 25 Aug 1999 18:05:33 +0100

Damn right. That was bang out of order.

Many's the time I've been at a BOOB night and it's been at least Ten o clock
before Mike Butcher could drag himself from the office to arrive, bike under
his arm, pissed off his tree and covered in tippex and paper cuts.

Seriously, though. Between them, NMA, and Revolution have been as crucial as
FirstTuesday and UKNM in turning this from a random, half-arsed bunch of
amateur chancers into an 'Industry' (albeit one full of half-arsed, amateur
chancers). Cut the poor fuckers some slack. As everyone else in New Media
this week is shifting jobs weekly, the better to felch the rancid ring of
Mammon, I think these guys deserve all the thanks we can offer them for
staying put on fourpence ha'penny and a cold kebab and holding the entire mess

Well that was my piece....

I'll go back to the nice nurse now.

Felix Velarde wrote:

> either you need to add a smiley that you just forgot, or you're a twat.
> felix
> On 24/8/99 I read:
> >Stefan wrote:
> >
> >it's true. getting drunk and cutting and pasting press releases for
> >living really takes it out of people.
> >
> >stefan
> Felix Velarde
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"Fail upwards"

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  Re: UKNM: NMA, Felix Velarde

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