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Subject: UKNM: I defend ColdFusion rant
From: Ben Hunt
Date: Tue, 29 Aug 2000 09:49:51 +0100

<<And your right maybe they should use coldfusion, this has been designed by
a small company for people who can't really program.>>

But you do need to be able to use grammar all the same

Some points in defense of ColdFusion:

> It has been designed by a small company... which means that it's been
single-mindedly created from the ground up to do exactly what it should do.

> It is suitable for people who can't really program.
Quite an accolade. The fact is that CF is the only major middleware
technology that's been written purely for the web, that's why it's so
straightforward to pick up with the shallowest learning curve. ASP is a
bastardisation of VB, PERL is a psycho UNIX shell beast, JSP is, er, Java
etc. etc.

All these technologies can do the job in my experience, but the others
require more work to do the same thing, unless you are very clever with
modularising your code, which if you follow it through to its logical
conclusion would effectively be the same as writing your own ColdFusion. The
difference with CF is that because it *makes sense* and is as *simple* as it
can and should be, it is easy to learn and use, which means that if you are
a) someone who can't program, ColdFusion will enable you not to program more
productively, and if you are
b) someone who *can* program, you'll be more productive and produce more in
a shorter space of time

Two more points:

> Back off the coder snobbery.
The time is gone when being able to code means having to be fluent in mumbo
jumbo. That's the way it used to be before computers got good, but now we
can afford to work smarter. Language need not be a barrier to being able to
produce code. If you hang onto that alchemist's snobbery, you'll perish.
(You ain't a PERL guy by any chance, Chetan?)

> Bad code is bad code, good code is good code, irrespective of language.
If you're someone who can't code, you can do that in any language you want.
How many people have come out with fubar JavaScript/DHTML or PERL that fux
something up in magnificent fashion? Doing PERL doesn't mean that you can
code well. It means that you can code slow, well done. ;-)


Ben Hunt
ben [dot] huntatpoulternet [dot] com
0113 383 4200
direct: 285 6469

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From: Chetan Damani [chetanatimano [dot] com (mailto:chetanatimano [dot] com)]
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Its not the technology they used that causes this, its the way they use this

ASP is used by buy.com, nasdaq.com, microsoft.com, msn.com. So what
lastminute.com gets more traffic than those guys.

ASP is only the interface between the user and the server, and should not be
used as the back-end. as you mention this should be in either EJB/COM+ and
managing these components on a distributed environment, linking further to a
robust DB environment.

Load-balancing effectively does not really need a single session flying
about on multiple servers, which is a lot harder to manage, but its a
strategy which should go from the Leased line connection through to the
Database at the backend

They can throw more box's in, using any standard of the shelf load balancer,
but there problem could be at the DB end and with the connection pooling

And your right maybe they should use coldfusion, this has been designed by a
small company for people who can't really program.

NB ASP 2 has been and gone, and your on about ASP+ a totally different ball
game, this is going to blow all others out of the water, with native support
for a lot of component driven tasks.

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