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Subject: RE: UKNM: Top 100 UK New Media Agencies
From: Russell Goldsmith
Date: Thu, 31 Aug 2000 00:57:29 +0100

Just to throw in my two pennith/beenz/i-points, having run an agency for the
last two years, the only number my Plc Chairman was interested was the one
in the bottom right cell of my spreadsheet - good old Profit

now, how many companies would be willing to state how much profit, if any,
they made! Turnover is all very nice, but means didly squat if you cant pay
the bills!


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Subject: RE: UKNM: Top 100 UK New Media Agencies

Another thing to bear in mind when 'judging' agencies on turnover is how
much of that is 'pass through'. For example, some agencies do a lot of
online media buying on behalf of their clients, so have large sums going
through their books on media spend. This could distort figures.


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> I agree Stewart, but it seems to me that most of these lists
> are based on
> turnover, one of the reasons being that this actually protects egos.
> Marketing magazine ran their Design League Tables recently, and their
> Internet Design Agency list was completely bizarre. Based on
> Turnover, it
> actually offered two sets of figures - Turnover
> and...Internet Turnover(?).
> AKQA came first with 21,000,000 in both columns, but CLK.MPL who came
> 50th recorded their Internet turnover at a mere 448,370.

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