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Subject: UKNM: Industry Bodies...
From: Murray Hossack
Date: Thu, 31 Aug 2000 09:25:22 +0100

In response to Will Simmonds message regarding industry bodies.

We are corporate members of the BWDMA and would state that the 350 fee for
corporate membership continues to be a solid investment for us.

The objective of all business is to sell their services and products with a
minimum cost of sale. Costs usually rise when handling objections from
prospects and further qualifying enquiries.

Being a member of the BWDMA has directly benefited us in this area in two

1. We have a credible stance when presenting our offering to clients as
corporate BWDMA membership confirms that five previous clients have
satisfactorily attested our abilities.

2. The Web Project Guide Service is a valuable source of part-qualified
leads. Opportunities from here are usually genuine prospects and our time to
close the business is reduced.

Both of these benefits provide a genuine ROI to Cone

Other benefits we have found are possibly to subjective to be relevant for
this forum. None the less I am pleased to be able to speak up on behalf of
what I believe to be a valued aid to my business.

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