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Subject: Re: UKNM: Ranty philosophy
From: Tom
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2000 10:21:59 GMT

Remember the 'Flake and girl in the bath' ad - far greater impact in the
cinema, pretty 'so what?' on TV.


if we use new content forms
we need to do so conscious of their impact on perceivers' abilities to
receive and process all the stimuli we simultaneously provide.

Design = form and function and media consideration on the web - not just
according to technical constraints but also from the perspective of
cognitive psychology.


This is all true, and thank you for reminding us all of the work of Brenda
Laurel et al in the last century. However, your point is what, exactly?
Sensory "noise" (and the balance of it) applies just as much to TV design as
it does to web design. Correct application of it is most often called "good

With the convergence of "The Web" and "TV", there will be a cross-over
between the two. You will read text on TV and watch films on PC monitors,
just as lots of people already do. The technical constraints are, as so
often in any area of development, the dominant defining element of design.
And technical convergence with what is/can be displayed on TV or PC monitor
will lead, inevitably, to a convergence in the way we "experience" each.

Get with this century, Lois.

Tom Dussek

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