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Subject: RE: UKNM: Agency.com job losses
From: David Burrows
Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2000 16:18:29 GMT

This seems to be happening at many of the larger digital media companies. I
was putting it down to the general internet 'adjustment' that seems to be
going on.

The hype has died down, people are looking at ROI etc. and realising that
they need to rethink their strategies, not just run towards the nearest big
agency that's had plenty of press (Razorfish, Agency.com et al) and throw
some money at them. As the sales charts start to look less vertical, the big
players have realised they've picked up quite a bit of dead weight (which
they were bound to do at their rate of expansion) and are starting to prune

It was bound to happen, unfortunately some of this pruning seems to be
throwing out some valuable people. Catch them while you can.



David Burrows


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> Ouch -
> http://www.revolution.haynet.com/news/News_Story.asp?Article=13542
> What exactly do they mean by the changing demand? There have
> been a number
> of large redundancies recently, particularly in Sweden, yet
> most of us seem
> to be complaining of not being able to find enough staff to
> meet the demand.
> Anyone prepared to comment?
> As usual, talented and keen people affected by this should
> send in their
> CVs.
> Robin
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  RE: UKNM: Agency.com job losses, Robin Edwards

  UKNM: Agency.com job losses, Robin Edwards

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