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Subject: UKNM: Lewd, Rude - but eventually educational
From: Tim Ireland
Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2000 18:50:39 GMT

I started out with the article about 41 employees suspended from Royal &
SunAlliance for distributing 'lewd' Bart Simpson cartoons:

Now, I've seen just about all of these - but just the same I know how
popular something like this would be so it was my duty to see what kind of
keyword saturation we were dealing with.

Very interesting results. Not only are 'simpsons naked', 'simpsons porn'
etc. *heavily* covered by the porn tossers, but it even seems to be on the
'hotlist' of hardcore words along with, erm, well, I'll leave that to your
imagination. Take a look at the following extract from one of the top
results (yes, this is for real):

"Alice began rubbing her simpsons porn until wet. Then she put her simpsons
porn in my face. I enjoy simpsons porn on my face. I think about her
simpsons porn all the time. Her simpsons porn can be all there is. One time
she put her simpsons porn on display so everyone could touch her simpsons
porn. Alice loves to have her simpsons porn touched. People often talk about
her simpsons porn and think she is a slut. Her simpsons porn must just be
too good too be true. So always remember this simpsons porn story about
Alice's simpsons porn. Because her simpsons porn will be here for good."

This has to the result of an automated function (that somehow creates a
number of doorway pages with differing keyword weighting) - but I feel it's
illustrative of the average pornmaster's IQ just the same.


Tim Ireland
Director of Marketing

PS - Strangely, one link on my investigative journey led me to:
http://weapons.hotmail.ru/ - WTF?

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