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Subject: RE: UKNM: Job Cuts
From: Darren Wallace
Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2000 19:31:08 GMT


In my case, my former employer - Discovery Networks Europe -
made it's *entire* interactive division redundant (with the exception of the
hd. of the european division), as part of a major switch from focusing on
narrowband to broadband.
That also included me, as European hd. of online sales.
This was as a result of a global decision, made by the US hd. office.
Approx. 50% of the 200 members of the US online divison went, as well as
people in Latin America and SE Asia.

A real pisser, especially as I'd only been there for 2 weeks!

As you might expect, I've been far more aware of the state of the jobs
market in the last few weeks. It seems to me that in the last 6 months, our
industry has shed more jobs than in the 6 years that I've been working in



Darren Wallace

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Subject: UKNM: Job Cuts

I notice that agency.com are now shedding staff, following in the
footsteps of Razorfish, Icon et al.

I imagine this comes as bad news at any time of year, but announcing it
just before Christmas is particularly poor timing. Are these job cuts
affecting all departments - designers, techies, account staff and all
- or just one unfortunate group?

Sarah Clelland
Snow Valley

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  UKNM: Job Cuts, Sarah Clelland

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