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Subject: RE: UKNM: white label Affiliate prgrammes..
From: Leslie Bunder
Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2000 19:31:08 GMT

I think the key issue for people is that entrusting a third party who may
not have a full understanding of your market to do a programme with. eg: if
your core business is say, travel, then you want to deal with likeminded
folks who have a clear understanding of travel, not that travel may be
something they can do.

there is also the issue of conflict of programmes, if someone says I wish to
go with XYZ, there is of course a monthly fee charged and/or set-up fee in
the first place. you may just be one of many on that service and you will be
lumped together with your competition. plus of course, your network or sites
may not be the "right" sites and indeed and more importantly your network
may consist of many people who initially signed up but don't bother to come
back. I gather churn of Affilaite sites is high. they may sign up, try a few
banners for a month or so and then give up.

there is also the other issue that the Affilaite programme company will
handle such issues as providing links, buttons, graphics etc. what happens
if that company has problems. there was a case a few months ago of one of
the companies you mention being "down" for several days with the result that
those who signed up to an affiliate programme being unable to display
buttons and banners. so all you got on those sites were broken images which
is not very professional.

what is interesting is the technology behind the programme such as tracking
and also paying, the problem arises when you trust the programmes to handle
everything which is what most of them wish to do, hence the reason for the
likes of 404found.co.uk and others as just pure solutions.

And of course, the "brand" and service on offer still has to cope with the
problems when the Affilaite programme company fails to deliver to the
Affilaite site eg: doesn't pay monthly commission, suffers bad publicity
when the Affilaite programme does not deliver to standard etc...

So why should someone entrust an affiliate programme and not do it
themselves? - that is the question!


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Subject: RE: UKNM: white label Affiliate prgrammes..

There are a number of other companies that claim the same thing, eg Magic
Button or ourselves TradeDoubler. If a company believes in Affiliate
programs its just a question of looking at the providers out there, there
are not that many 3 or 4 and making your mind up with whom to go with. The
leading one is the one with the largest amount of top clients and the
largest amount of top end affiliates.

Magic Button.
Commission Junction.

thanks Andreas

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Adrain wrote:

>ukaffiliates.com,the leading UK focussed affiliate marketing networks...

Are they really, or are you just sying that?

T ;-)

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