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Subject: Re: UKNM: First Tuesday
From: Richard Bailey
Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2000 20:37:37 GMT

There was a TV program on last week which had a bit where two people from a
site went to First Tuesday looking for a V.C.

I would avoid it if I was a V.C. after seeing the rude and aggressive way a
woman jumped a man who was heading for the door and said "Why did you take
off that red badge?" Not to mention the fact they (the seekers) were
refusing to tell the people their site name for fear it would give the wrong
impression? I am not sure how that works. Maybe you trick them in to
investing �5 million and then tell them the name, works with children and
food. To say the least it was very Bugs Bunny.

Richard Bailey

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Subject: RE: UKNM: First Tuesday

> I attended a recent FTN event and was disappointed (though not surprised
> to the current climate) to see only one potential VC. He looked around,
> all the "seekers" and ran. Maybe there needs to be a change in the format
> otherwise I can see all events ending up like this. In the past when
> madness was rife it was more akin to a trading hall, but these days I
> it would be better if seeker attendees were better prepared with
> and VC's, Angels or whatever gave notice of their intention to attend.
> would save many seekers (who are often running with a tight budget) the
> of attending an event from which they wouldn't gain and would make it
> possible for VC's to get through project descriptions faster.
> Cheers �<|:o)
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> Actually, way back when, 'donations' were whatever you felt like dropping
> into a bucket by the door...usually �5 or �10...And, the kinds of
> that used to go there, like the eloquent Sajiid Mohammed (where the hell
> he?) and others that made it what it became...stopped going. Its
> evolved...no question there...better for some...not so better for others.
> wanted to attend a recent function and was asked everything from a
> plan to the size of my waist...hmmmm. Not sure of I wanted to tell 'em
> that.
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