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Subject: Re: UKNM: Viral Marketing raises its ugly head (again)
From: Chris Thomas
Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2000 11:44:54 GMT

On 19 Dec 2000, at 15:14, Chris Heathcote wrote:

> Right. Why not think about your target audience - computer users, hackers
> and programmers.

I am the target audience you describe above! I've been a programmer
for 13 years, it's just that at the moment I seem to be 'oozing'
toward marketing.

> Quick visit-to-the-bog idea:
> http://www.refcards.com/

Yes, I've seen them before. We've sold them.

> but not only do you have something truly useful to people, they'll
> be looking at it everyday.

But where's the fun in that? :) Anyway, that's publishing proper,
which a lot of people are doing very well already. I just want to get
our name out there - we've been in business (computer book retail)
over 10 years, yet not many people have heard of us.

> > *this is a lie
> > **this is also a lie
> Soon you'll be a marketeer my boy!

Heh heh! Cheers!

Several people have played the game more than a few times. One person
in particular submitting nearly 60 scores, which naughtily equates to
an hours worth of play during business hours! And that is not
including the games he's played without sending his score to the

I think I've (somehow) got the level of addictiveness right, but the
'viral' thing is slower than I'd imagined. Any ideas?


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