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Subject: UKNM: Fwd: Christmas Greetings from breathe
From: Ian Tester
Date: Fri, 22 Dec 2000 12:34:10 GMT

the funniest, and slightly saddest email i've had for a long time. . .


------- Start of forwarded message -------

Subject: Christmas Greetings from breathe
To: breathe_usersatbreathe [dot] com
From: The breathe team <newsletteratbreathe [dot] com>
Date: 21 Dec 2000 15:58:34 GMT


Michael Horrocks and Steven Anthony Pearson have been appointed as
administrators to breathe.com Limited to manage its affairs, business and
property as its agents.

While the administrators of breathe look for a buyer for the business,
breathe will continue to trade. New material will continue to appear on the
web and wap sites and breathe services such as SMS and the mail centre will
still be available.

Further developments will be announced as they occur.


Ah the season of goodwill. Yup, there's a Dickensian frost decorating our
windows, carol singers on the icy doorstep, chestnuts roasting in the
hearth, and peace on Earth.

Okay, maybe that's a slight exaggeration. As you've already read, breathe is
enjoying a tumultuous festive season! Personally, I've gone straight into
Scrooge mode. And I highly recommend it. There's a twisted satisfaction to
be felt when you tell people you're "not doing Christmas this year".

Besides, isn't this season meant to be all about fellowship rather than
Even though you're being pressured to part with your hard-earned cash this
month, take a moment to think about the fact that the Internet is a great
source of fellowship... it has expanded the concept of community to include
everyone. It's a platform for all creeds and colours, bringing us together
to learn more about the world we share. And while you're thinking about
that, here's an advert:


Get 12 issues of Front Magazine for only 24 when you subscribe through
breathe. That's a saving of over 8 on the normal newsstand price of 32.40.
Alternatively you can get 6 issues for 13.

To subscribe simply phone 01454 642465 or email frontatcisubs [dot] co [dot] uk and quote
reference frontbreathe1.


Sorry. I couldn't resist. Besides, everyone likes to save money at
christmas. The breathe team is particularly eager to do so at the moment!


If you want to join in with our belt-tightening exercises, here are a few
skinflint gift ideas:

Surprise Chocolate Egg - A chocolate and a toy! An entertaining bit of
plastic, requiring only the mental aptitude of an amoeba to assemble. Eat
the chocolate yourself though, unless the gift is for someone really

Fast Food Christmas - Make a gift from the toys fast food outlets use to
bribe your kids into eating their junk. Spray with furniture polish or
something to disguise the stench of burgers and fries.

Christmas Cracker - We've all done this. Carefully untie one end of a
Christmas cracker and then tip the gift out. What none of us have done yet,
is to then wrap it up and hope that Aunty Edith wanted a plastic hair clip
or aluminium nail clippers from Santa this year.

Festive Beauty - Do people buy you those soap and beauty sets because they
love you? Or because you're ugly and you smell? You wash but not THAT
much... so use last year's unused stock as this year's gifts. Try sending it
back to the person who sent it to you.

Or, alternatively, give everyone a hug this Christmas. It's free and no one
can argue about its 'meanness' value. Unless, gasp, they think Christmas is
a materialistic time of year. Surely not!


It's no good. I can't keep the Scrooge act up. I'm going to have to offer
you something rather splendid for Xmas:

In conjunction with Front Magazine and Freedom Card, breathe is offering THE
prize for all you budding DJ's. You'll find the competition at
The winner will get a one day DJ or music technology course with POINT BLANK
(London). After this the winner will spend one day in the Timeless Studios
in London laying down a track, working with a Top Ten record production
team. The finished track will then be reviewed by DECODE record's A&R man,
with a view to signing!

If this isn't enough, the winner will also receive the GEMINI SCRATCHMASTER
SET, complete with two decks, mixer, headphones and leads!

Now that is what I call a COOL prize. There's more though! If you email the
competition URL to five friends you'll receive a 10 voucher to spend at
For full details visit http://breathe.com/lifestyle/music/frontcomp.html
At least you'll be able to buy a decent pullover instead of having to wear
the monstrosity your Aunty knits you for Christmas.


That's it for this newsletter. There's a guy on Oxford Street selling hot
chestnuts and I'm off to buy some. Much tastier than humbugs!

Merry Christmas and happy New Year folks!

Mark Hodder

It's amazing what happens when you breathe.

------- End of forwarded message -------

Ian Tester, Business Accelerator, EMAP Digital
Exmouth House, Pine Street, London EC1R 0LJ, UK
T (020) 7868 7574 M (07880) 557692 E iantatbreathe [dot] com
It's amazing what happens when you breathe.

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