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Subject: UKNM: Responsys
From: Simon Heywood
Date: Mon, 25 Dec 2000 14:16:42 GMT

I am experimenting with the Responsys
(<http://www.responsys.com>www.responsys.<http://www.responsys.com>com) new
Jumpstart beta version to get a feel for the service offered. Potential
deployment is for my client
where web enquiries is the primary communication task to manage at present.
(Please look but do not touch.) I have to say that I like Responsys
Jumpstart apart from the little glitches to do with profiles. In general I
think that simple hands-on access for marketers and avoidance of in-house
computer equipment is a good thing. I can see, however, that multiple list
management might become a bit of a chore in due course.

Does anyone have words of caution or praise for Responsys? Can anyone, for
example, rate the level of security it offers against hacking into the

Simon Heywood
Zianetti Ltd
marketing information technology
Tel: 01442 872852 dd
Fax: 0845 638 2988
Mob: 07831 655533
<simon [dot] heywoodatzianetti [dot] co [dot] uk (mailto:simon [dot] heywoodatzianetti [dot] co [dot] uk)>simon [dot] heywoodatzianetti [dot] co.<mailto:simon
[dot] heywoodatzianetti [dot] co [dot] uk>uk

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