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Subject: RE: UKNM: UKNM E-mail Enquiry Management....
From: Elizabeth Van Couvering
Date: Thu, 25 Feb 1999 15:38:40 GMT

I talked to a company called Revnet based in the US a while ago - they
seemed pretty competent. [Note: not Jupiter's opinion, if we've done
research on this I'm not up to speed on it]


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> Crockart
> Sent: 22 February 1999 11:45
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> Subject: UKNM: UKNM E-mail Enquiry Management....
> Does anyone know of any software for managing e-mail enquiries from
> customers. I was thinking of some ticketing system as used by the
> Internic,
> or maybe something like the ISPs use for technical support via e-mail.
> Any names, contacts or ideas gratefully received.
> Many thanks,
> Greg Crockart
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  UKNM: UKNM E-mail Enquiry Management...., Greg Crockart

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