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Subject: Re: UKNM: Creativity
From: Tim Ireland
Date: Thu, 25 Feb 1999 22:47:10 GMT

>As I said in my original post, some of the best design ideas come from
>people who are able to act outside the contstraints of the briefing (ie
>"management") processes. Hence the aim to encourage unknown designers to
>have a go and see what they come up with.

A lot of comments here did miss the point.

The beauty of this idea is that most of the tools required to create a good
banner ad are readily (and often freely) available. A competition/promotion
like this would be much easier on entrants than a 'make your own magazine
ad' competition for instance - and many entries would be close to finished
product (especially if you put size/animation constraints etc. on the

This is why I see it as a positive idea that could either be supported by
the industry or even run as a promotion for an *actual* campaign. Besides,
anything we can do to sow a few seeds is in our interest - as I said, this
industry will be screaming for creatives within 12 months.

Tim Ireland
tim [dot] iatvirgin [dot] net

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