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Subject: No Subject
From: Anonymous
Date: Tue Feb 13 12:33:40 2001

1) Check everything, trust no-one.
2) Leave the authorisation of each transaction to as later as possible. If possible only authorise just prior to the goods being despatched. Note we are talking about authorisation not capture.
3) Delay everything. 96 hour delivery rather than 72 hours won't really upset anyone but gives more time for the card to be reported stolen.
4) Validate addresses. Check the postcode to the address and ensure it matches. Check the house number against the list of valid numbers for that postcode.
5) Validate the name with the address.
5b) If it doesn't match give them a ring (try between 7 and 8 rather than during the day). Use a prepared script (it makes things easier).
6) Compare Credit Card numbers with the ones you already have. If you've already seen the card don't accept it (unless the email address and postcode match). (You can do this without storing the actual credit card details, we do it all the time).
7) There are various tricks you can do with credit cards. I'm not going into those here (and to be honest, I don't think I'm allowed to anyway).
8) Above all else apply commonsense.

Finally, remember it may take 3 months for a stolen card to be noticed and 9 months for you to be told (holders have upto 6 months to initiate chargebacks, banks 3 months to pass that information the merchant). Just because someone has already made 2 purchases in the past month doesn't mean that the card isn't dodgy. It may just mean that no statement has appeared yet.

Hope that helps and if you need anything more I'll happily have a look and see what else can be done.

Ben Thompson

"will simmonds" <willsateuropean-internet [dot] com> wrote ..
> How else can credit cards be verified in Card Holder Not Present
> transactions. It has been suggested that you can check details against
> directory enquiries and the electoral role to ensure that the address /
> phone number details do match up. Is there anything else that can be done?
> One of our sites has been having a lot of chargebacks due to fraudulent use
> of credit cards where the transactions have been authorised as the credit
> limit is available and the card is not yet reported stolen / cloned etc.
> When the transaction is later highlighted as fraudulent it is then
> chargedback by the credit card company to the Merchant account.
> Obviously some off line checks are required - but what?
> thanks
> Will
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