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Subject: RE: [uk-netmarketing] fall of the dotcoms?
From: Leslie Bunder
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2001 17:15:34 -0000

please... it's not the fall of the dotcoms, it's the fall of projects that
were never really sound businesses... they just happened to involve the

programmes like this, can really do more destruction to a business... so
let's be careful Kevin...

and please don't tarnish everyone... not every VC is cut throat, they are
certainly professional and business like, but you also must remember some of
the business proposals doing the rounds for the last couple of years were
very arrogant... for every "bad" VC there are likely to be "bad" people
trying to raise money for their crap venture....

and by the time your show comes out, no doubt it will be the rise of the

working in new media, the Internet, the Web, whatever you wanna call it is
about working in a business that is sound and more importantly is a business
that people wish to use and engage in... whether it is b to b, b to c or
whatever new terms we invent over the coming weeks and months.

I look forward to see how the show is going to pan out and truly hope it is
not going to be as bad as some of the programmes we saw last year about
"dotcom millionaires" and how every person and his pet makes millions...
(which were mainly on paper...)


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Subject: [uk-netmarketing] fall of the dotcoms?

Have you worked for a dotcom in the past two years? If so we're looking to
see how the experience affected you.
Did you go to work with a dotcom because you were enticed by the idea of
working in a new sector that appeared exciting and dare we say it sexy. Did
you maybe think that you were going to get rich quick?

We're looking to hear about your experiences for a television programme we
are making. No television experience is required - it's the stories you can
tell us that we're interested in hearing.

Were you working for a company who had the plug pulled on them by impatient
and cut throat Venture Capitalists?
Were you working for a company that was set up by a group of friends who had
a great idea but unfortunately no business skills whatsoever?
Were you working for a company that clearly had a ludicrous business plan?
Did you end up working 20 hour days all for nothing/ or for ungrateful
Was it glamorous or was it just a hard slog?

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