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Subject: Re: UKNM: FHM Advertising
From: Steve Johnston
Date: Wed, 15 Jul 1998 16:22:57 +0100

This is a good one Sam.

In 1995 the ASA code was updated to include non-broadcast electronic media. Of course they weren't really thinking about the internet then - more like CD-ROMs and computer games, but their view definitely covers activity online, and Caroline Crawford, their Director of Communications reports very high levels of response and compliance when mistakes like the FHM take place. At present there is no arrangement, however, for online advertisers to pay the additional levy (0.1% of display ad expenditure) that makes the ASA's 'regulation' self-funding.

On a related note and to go a step further; when will the disaster, or sequence of disasters happen to provoke online media owners (read IAB members) into establish a Mail Order Protection Scheme equivalent? It is surely only a matter of time. As with the Newspapers who created MOPS, it will be the online media owners who will find themselves in the legal limelight if they carried the ads of an internet merchant who subsequently goes AWOL with consumers' money.

The IMRG has been attempting to keep this rather crucial point on the agenda as it is will not be good for the consumer's confidence in this channel if a couple of high profile scams go down. As ever, though, these schemes are more likely to be implemented after the disaster, when the arguments are more compelling.

Steve Johnston
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On 15/07/98, at 11:50, Sam Michel wrote:

>Hello All,
>I noticed a reference in New Media Age to FHM advertising appearing on a
>children's website. I'm a little surprised that there hasn't been more made
>of this. Not wanting particularly to highlight this specific snafu, but in
>general are media owners paying attention to the ads which are delivered
>alongside their content, particularly when they're being sold as part of a
>I was also a little surprised that the IAB hasn't commented on this, or
>even suggested that the UK new media industry put it's house in order - I
>don't know if the ASA standards apply to online, I guess they do, in which
>case surely this contravenes them? If nothing else, it seems like a missed

>PR opp. for the IAB.
>Comments anyone?
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  UKNM: FHM Advertising, Sam Michel

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