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Subject: RE: UKNM: Yell Awards
From: Aidan Cook
Date: Thu, 16 Jul 1998 11:00:22 +0100

> If that is true it is bloody disgusting. Generalising like that is
> highly irresponsible, and then to sell a Yell solution off the back of
> that comment is deplorable.

Yeah well, if anybody is dopey enough to imply from that that any other
organisation other than Yell will automatically go for 100k, let 'em.

The MFA (most frequent analogy) we use is how much does a car cost?

"I'd like to buy a car"
"Certainly sir, would you like a rusty c-reg mini, or this topline
"Erm, what's the diference?"
"Well, they've both got four wheels, an engine, and will take you from A
to B, so you can see there really is no difference."

Its when someone sells the former for the price of the latter that things
get messy. I'm sure you all have your own examples.

Mind you, earlier this year I had "a certain London agency" tell me in
the same breath that:

i) we're not pitching for anything under 100k.
ii) we're doing more work than we're charging for on most of our sites.

Sounded like a dubious business model to me...

  RE: UKNM: Yell Awards, Coyle, Tony (London)

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