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Subject: UKNM: Ambitious marketing manager seeks...
From: Andres Varela
Date: Thu, 16 Jul 1998 18:53:57 +0100


Next week our site will feature as benefactors: Microsoft, Digital, Wired,
LinkExchange and InfoSpace. These companies have really helped us out pro
bono, but that's not to say we don't want to spend money. A misconception
which has meant I've had to *chase* media owners.

The media budget here is 5 per cent of sales. The maximum projected sales
(through the Net) would provide around 20 million dollars to work with.
Then again, if we don't sell anything, then we don't have any money to

The trick is to adjust the timing between the chicken and the egg. When we
find something that works, we have absolutely no problem with chucking vast
quantities of cash at it.

(so those who think that the pro bono benefactors have been hard done by
haven't realised that as soon as we see great conversion from their
audiences we'll happily pay top whack to increase our exposure)

What we know doesn't work (for our product) is simple blind ROS banner
campaigns. Brand awarenesss is all very well. Persuading people to part
with credit card numbers needs them to be better qualified before they
arrive at our site. A paragraph or two of editorial seems to do the trick.
So that tends to mean a special page on a media owner's site, or mention in
regular mailouts to their users. That kind of thing.

We can track who came from where, we can co-brand and customise sites and
assign separate IPs, servers and domains...usual stuff. We can also
provide prizes for contests and such - for example we're buying 20,000
laptops from Dell between now and the Millennium so there'll be a few spare.

So I guess what I'm primarily interested in are large media owners, with
readership not afraid of e-commerce. Then again you might have better
ideas. The majority of our customers aren't so much gamblers as people who
are having a flutter and helping out the Red Cross.

I know I'm talking to mainly the UK here, but I know there are plenty of
overseas lurkers on this list...if you think you have something useful then
please get in touch wherever you are.


Andres Varela - The Electronic Fundraising Company

5 St Mary Abbot's Place - London W8 6LS
(t) +44 171 603 7737 (f) +44 171 603 7481 (m) +44 7970 833404


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