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Subject: UKNM: IBM e-business Mark Program
From: Sajid Mohammed
Date: Tue, 28 Jul 1998 16:52:15 +0100

I'd like to draw your attention to an opportunity that could benefit
you if you are conducting e-business. This year, IBM are introducing
the e-business Mark - a web button to be displayed on sites using IBM
technology to conduct e-business. Sites such as Scottish Power and
Wimbledon have already qualified.

The Mark is on offer to any site conducting real e-business (not just
online credit card transactions but also consignment tracking,
inventory, DB retrieval etc.) that has supplanted an existing business
process. To qualify, you must also be using any two of IBM's software,
hardware or service lines (this can include Lotus products such as
Notes/Domino) and using one of IBM's e-business focus offerings (which
comprise a variety of standards including Java and SET).

The benefits to the sites awarded the Mark not only include the
co-branding benefit of displaying the IBM logo on the site, but also a
free quarterly Ethical Hack Security Scan (valued at several thousand
US dollars). This Scan determines how secure the server set-up is for
a site and can inform companies on how to remedy any problems.

IBM has also conducted research and concluded that consumers are 42%
more likely to conduct a secure transaction on a site displaying the
Mark. You can also use the Mark in any print advertising and
associated collateral relating *directly* to the qualifying web site.

If you are using IBM technology on your site and would like to know
more, then feel free to contact your usual IBM or Lotus Client
Representative. Alternatively you can contact me on 0171 202 3973 or
<mohammsatuk [dot] ibm [dot] com>.

Sajid Mohammed
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