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Subject: UKNM: Herpes, pregnant women and other custom publishing projects...
From: Mat Morrison
Date: Thu, 30 Jul 1998 09:43:31 +0100

Cafe Herpe is SmithKline Beecham's useful little marketing programme for
people with embarrassingly personal itches. (http://www.cafeherpe.com)

P&G and Time Inc. New Media publish ParentTime. Not sure what P&G gets
out of it, but I suspect it's names and addresses of prospects. Can
anyone confirm? (incidentally, I understand that many young-family DM
databases are cross-indexed against the Births & Deaths register to
avoid those little awkward moments that can destroy brand loyalty --
anyone got any confirmation on this, too?)

Back to the main purpose: Does anyone have any wonderful examples of
brands employing custom publishers to develop "sensitive, soft-sell
educational communities"?

There's a name in TV for this --"advertiser-created programming" (e.g.
soap-operas) . It's a good way of creating your own media opportunities
and audiences. But does it happen on-line?

The community should be created by the sponsor to overcome the lack of
available media opportunities. The community site should NOT have the
Sponsor's name in the URL or Site Name. All the content should be third
party, and "objective" -- but there would be clear ownership of the
promotional spots.

Anyone help?


P.S. No more Time Inc. New Media examples, please = )

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