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Subject: Re: UKNM: Brighton Rock
From: Jo Chipchase
Date: Tue, 13 Jul 1999 15:10:08 +0100

>>Anyone fancy tapping an as-yet badly managed/marketed area, then? It's
>>odd really, considering Brighton considers itself the most 'wired' place
>>in Britain.

>>If that were really true, would I spend 3 and a half hours of my day

hmmmm... I live in Brighton and run CUHI from here, and I would say that it
is reasonably 'wired' and that there are numerous opportunities for those
who work in the IT sector / new media.

>Which brings us on to the question of location, remote working and
>telecommunting. Lots of people live in Brighton and work in London or the
>surrounds. How can anyone bear a 2 hour commute?

I have a 20 second commute... :)

I wouldn't consider moving back to London... better quality of life down here.

>easyEverything shops might well provide adequate facilities for someone
>stuck in town between meetings to catch up on some mail, etc. But why are
>there no remote-working facilities in dormitory towns?

Brighton can't really be described as a dormitory town.

>There are currently over 1,000,000 home workers and remote workers in the UK
>including many in the mushrooming telesales/teleservice business. Why not in
>the supposedly "revolutionary" "new media" biz? All it takes is a bit of
>organising to do it well.
>reduce cost
>reduce stress
>more efficient
>saves travel / avoids pollution
>more time for leisure
>etc. etc.

Reduces office politics and the manoueverings of middle managment. :)

>1. Badly-organised operations/managers find it difficult not having people
>near them that they can shove work on at zero notice when it should have
>been done two weeks ago
>2. It makes it difficult to show off your smart office in the City/Soho
>jammed full of lots of busy people
>3. It goes against the 1990s filofax-down-the-trousers culture generally
>(oh, sorry, that's an advantage)


Not forgetting the fact that many employers seem to measure productivity by
how much time you spend at your desk tapping away... I mean, you could be
composing personal emails or looking at porn, but they don't seem to
notice, so long as you're hitting that keyboard... oh, and they'll pick up
on the one time you come in at 9.10am but won't see that you often work

Sorry if I sound a touch cynical here...!

I believe flexible working makes sense in new media - virtual teams working
to set deadlines. Unless there is a need to have people front an operation
- such as helpdesk / customer service staff - the advantages surely
outweigh any administrative and logistical issues.

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