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Subject: UKNM: RE: UKNM Digest V1 #229
From: John Braithwaite
Date: Wed, 28 Jul 1999 14:22:32 +0100

Yes - the Sunday Times article... I thought someone on this list would
spot it.

Altogether I was reasonably happy that the main article was a fair
representation of our situation... on a personal level - I was
disappointed about being mis-quoted twice and .. of course... the
comment from a 'merchant banker' from BT Markets - but I think I'm with
the Cockneys and their rhyming slang on this one. After all, the rest of
what he wrote indicated that he'd probably not read the article, didn't
understand our business at all and had a particularly horrible day. He
was supposed to give an assessment of the situation and some commentary,
but failed even in this simple task and indicated that he probably is
unsure of how to comment on businesses with T/O of less that nine

The other experts had some valid comments - most of which we are already
doing so I'm glad to be given some positive signs that we're heading in
the right direction.

Only one agency has phoned us so far, but we already have all the
expertise we need - internally and externally, but time will tell - I'm

Oh - the quotes should have been:

"The paths to gaining profiled, targeted and frequent traffic to a site
on a continual basis can seem mystifying, but with our customer base of
200,000 people worldwide (yes - it quoted 35,000, but that was only
subscribers!), of which over 50% have access to the net, should give us
a secure initial customer base to work on."

"From the beginning we will be able to source and order books directly
from wholesalers and distributors"

Not exactly what was written, but the journo spoke with us about 2
months ago and, since then, plenty has happened. After all - he has a
brief to work to. I'm hardly going to be able to go to the libel courts,
but I was generally disappointed with the reporting of the article.
However it has perfectly set-up the 'return' article that will be
written in 6 months time - after things have got moving!

>So John, how many online agencies have been banging on your door
>following the piece in The Sunday Times?

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