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Subject: RE: UKNM: It's good to click to talk.
From: Lee Rickler
Date: Wed, 28 Jul 1999 14:38:06 +0100

>Biggest problem I've found in the past is that when you actually use these
>services, if you don't have a specific department dealing with these calls
>and just use the standard call centre to take the call, you could find
>putting your potential customers on hold!
>Yesterday, I clicked on a call me back button on Abbey National's Car
>Insurance site and yes, within three seconds I was called back but was then
>told, I was in a queue! The reason it turns out is that Abbey National use
>their standard call centre to take these calls hence they are allocated no

I recently booked a flight with go fly, (go-fly.com), but needed to ask
some questions so clicked their call back button and specified 10 mins.
i was actually called back within 9 mins 30secs!!

i have used this facility on numerous occasions and found it excellant.


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