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Subject: Re: UKNM: Underwriting phone bill
From: Greg Plumbly
Date: Wed, 28 Jul 1999 18:00:44 +0100

>> Have any ecommerce sites offered to explicitly reimburse customers for
>> time spent on their site if they pruchase something? One could either
>> do it with a counter (you spent 27 minutes here, so at 4p a minute
>> we'll discount your purchase 1 pound 12) or just do like easyJet and
>> offer a pound off for web purchases, but tie it explicitly to a
>> discount for the metered rate, which would pay for somethig between 25
>> and a hundred minutes, depending on the telco charge.
> Er, are you serious? You can't actually measure how long anyone looks at a
> page - you can only measure the time spent between various clicks within your
> site. Using this scheme would encourage people to open up several browsers,
> go to several stores, and spend forever going from page to page, dropping the
> line every now and again. Besides, almost everything available on the net is
> cheaper anyway - there's your discount!

im not suggesting it is a practical idea but surely it is possible to
measure how long it has been since a registered user logged in and use an
idle timeout after say 30 mins if there have been no clicks by that user.

Beenz use a little java applet on some sites to award points based on time
spent. (this is not cumulative, just x beenz for a specified time)


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