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Subject: RE: UKNM: More overvalued stocks
From: Robin Edwards
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 1999 12:53:19 +0100

On Wednesday, July 28, 1999 3:06 PM, Steve Johnston
[SMTP:Steve [dot] JohnstonatEntranet [dot] co [dot] uk] wrote:

> "Every has one already? Shit I must get one. 'That'll be ?100 for this
> delightful Furby, Sir'" Maybe a Furby was nominally 'worth' ?100 for a
> brief moment in time, but on December 26th the damn thing was worthless
> - although I have to confess a fondness for the little thing.
> And this is my layman's point; just because it's tough to get hold of
> Freeserve shares right now because everyone is completely, fucking
> insane doesn't make them Worth - in the bigger sense of the word - ?2.00
> of anybody's money. But then I suppose that's obvious really, isn't it?

Tsk tsk. He's only been out of the IMRG for 5 minutes and look at the language
on him!

I have a few shares in Freeserve (hopefully - haven't heard from Freeserve yet,
like most others by the looks of it), so to me the hype and hysteria is a Good
Thing(TM) because I'm in it to make a fast buck. In the longer term I think
many people have overlooked the fact that Freeserve is going to have a shedload
of cash to play with. With babyworld under its belt already, all it would take
is the "last minute" purchase of a high profile UK e-commerce site and they'd
be worth their weight in cashew nuts, as it were.

However, this whole thing also means that more people are coming online with
Freeserve (and other free ISP's) and making my job easier, which is also a Good

Having just returned from across the pond, I feel the UK is still about 12-18
months behind the US in terms of the over-valued stocks so my only
recommendation is to join the frenzy and help whip the UK along a bit!

Robin Edwards
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