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Subject: Re[2]: UKNM: Battleship JWT
From: Paul Canty
Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2000 19:20:57 +0100

27.7.00 Felix wrote:
> Ad agencies aren't 'wankers' - they are however
>specialists. Head New Media is a specialist too; we don't do what
>they specialise in, nor does cousin Lowe Lintas pretend to do what we

Yeah, but there is still a very real need to work together with the
'wankers' to provide cross media solutions for clients. If diciplines
within an agency work separately, then there ceases to be very little
point in having large agencies at all... (whether your owned,
affiliated, or know a guy whose passed the work your way...)

Successful cross media marketing campaigns (print/DM/Web/iTV/wap yaddayadda)
are pretty thin on the ground. Does the panel think this is an issue?
In some campaigns this simply is not relevant, but as more people use
more platforms, the need for a thread (idea/creative concept...call it
what you will) to link them together is going to be pretty key. The hard
bit is finding a thread that works.

>Banners devalue the internet, in the same way that it
>could be argued that flyposting devalues outdoor media.

Flyposting and other guerilla media is the only thing that keeps outdoor
media vibrant. Its much more in keeping with the spirit of the web of
finding a niche and attracting attention through content and
juxtaposition than a banner ever could.

Lets hear it for Banksy!


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