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Subject: UKNM: Fulfillment
From: Julie Cookson
Date: Fri, 17 Mar 2000 17:57:43 GMT

>At 11:02 AM 3/14/00 +0000, Ray wrote:
>>It's all very well having a pretty web site. But what's the point if
>>ever answers your emails or if your goods don't turn up on time?

Another eye opening experience.
I did a price search for a few items on the first of March and decided to
place orders at two different websites. One was a spin off from a mail order
software company, Microworld and the other was the big e-commerce venture

Microworld's site had the visual charisma of a text message, lousy
and no reviews or content to speak of. The software Iordered was
to my home 36 hours later.

Jungle couldn't dispatch my order until all three items were in stock so I
given a likely delivery date in the next week. They offer order tracking on
their site ( very sophisticated) so I checked back on the day that the goods
were due,to find that the expected delivery date had been put back by a
further two weeks. i'll be lucky to get them before the end of the month.
So ....... all that glitters is not gold,.......you can't judge a book by
cover etc etc and I'll get my software from Microworld in future.

While I'm at it can I put in a word for Boo. They've taken loads of stick
their website and I'd have to aggree with a lot of it , but their customer
service is incredible. They managed to ship our Sunday order,from a
in Germany to arrive before breakfast on Tuesday. No complaints.


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