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Subject: RE: UKNM: html emails
From: Bharat Karavadra
Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2000 18:22:14 GMT

I agree with Steve - give a choice, especially if you are sending emails to
a UK (non free call) audience as any external assets such as
images/applets/content feeds will not appear immediately and if users
download and auto-log-off the Net then your message will be incomplete. On
saying that I would not question too much sending a self contained HTML
page - as long as the email client supports it.

Without going into all the possible email receiving and re-distribution
issues (such as mine - I often send my email to my phone when I know I am
going to be away from my computer for a reasonable amount of time) don't
force a customer to receive HTML only email - give a choice - otherwise you
may find that return traffic (from email comms) to your site decreases

Bharat Karavadra


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You'd annoy me even if I did have an HTML compatible client.

Don't do this sort of thing. Learn the lesson of the Wired's of the world;
announce the option and give the choice.


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On 20/03/00, at 16:29, Taylor, Dominic (ELSLON) wrote:

>Does anyone know any packages that allow you to 'sniff' out whether a
>email browser can accept html emails?
>We have surveyed a section of our newsgroup list and 73% say they have
>compatible browsers, 7% haven't and 20% don't know. We'd like to send a
>test html email out to everyone but don't want to annoy our members who
>text only email browsers.

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