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Subject: Re: UKNM: Re: First Tuesday
From: Ian Fenn
Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2000 20:01:29 GMT

At 11:16 20/03/00 +0000, Neha wrote:
>Humiliation is being publicly dragged through the street with your knickers
>around your ankles. Or getting the words 'I'm a bastard' scribbled on your
>car. Or getting the sack in front of your peers. Somehow I don't think
>having your credit card denied upon entrance to an event qualifies as

Depends how it's handled, doesn't it, Neha?

>A minor annoyance, yes, but nothing that should break your

I'm not losing sleep about it, if that's what you mean. It was
disappointing though. I expected better treatment from First Tuesday, and
an explanation, which I still haven't had.

>And couldn't you have just popped to the nearest cash machine?

I did - it was fifteen minutes walk away... By the time I would've got back
the event would've been in full swing.

>Maybe I'm just being difficult.

Nah... just not reading e-mails properly :-)

All the best,

Ian Fenn MA
Member of the International Association of Culinary Professionals
http://www.chopstix.net/ - Chinese cooking on the web!

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  Re: UKNM: Fwd: Re: First Tuesday, Neha Singh

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