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Subject: Re: UKNM: Need forms for a website
From: Speechrad
Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2000 15:37:13 GMT

In a message dated 22/03/00 15:48:33 GMT Standard Time,
Ani [dot] TertzakianatCedargroup [dot] co [dot] uk writes:

<< Hi Everyone,

I just need a couple of forms to be created for our website - we don't
seem to have the inhouse knowledge. Can you recommend someone I can
hire for a couple of hours to do the work?

Ani Tertzakian
_____________ >>

A quick way of producing unsecure forms is to go to cgiforme.com or
reponsomatic.com and create your form on-line. It is then run on a remote
server, more or less transparently although cgiforme does put up a scary
warning about sending confidential info that might scare off your visitors
although it's harmless.
If you are a novice this is easier than getting a form written (the easy
and then uploading it to the cgi space on your hosting Co's server - rather
more problematic setting priviledges etc.

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