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Subject: UKNM: Charities and the web
From: Richard Stephens
Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2000 18:12:58 GMT

RE: Charities and the web

I am interested in people's thoughts about how charities are using the web,
& whether they could do more to raise funds, as most large charities now
accept donations online (one of my clients is the Red Cross). And about how
commercial websites are using charity donations as incentives, rewards and
so on.

In emergencies (eg the Mozambique floods) the newspapers let charities
advertise cheaply or free, and at very short notice. Presumably a similar
scheme would be viable on the web. Would anyone be interested in offering
banner or e-mail space at short notice to the Red Cross or other charities?
Is it the kind of thing that ad networks could get involved with, with all
that unsold inventory?

Does anyone have experience of offering a charity donation as an incentive
for a visitor to do something (eg register their e-mail address, or remember
to log off)? This seems to be a growing phenomenon, but I haven't been able
to find reliable information about its effectiveness.

If anyone here would be interested in offering Red Cross donations as
incentives, or would be able to offer space, or thinks the Red Cross could
be useful to them any other way, please get in touch - I would be very
interested to hear any ideas.

Many thanks for any feedback,
Richard Stephens
Planner, BHWG London
0171 298 1277
Stephens [dot] ratbhwg [dot] com

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