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Subject: UKNM: RE: UKNM Charities and the web
From: Julie Cookson
Date: Sat, 25 Mar 2000 14:39:21 GMT

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>RE: Charities and the web
>I am interested in people's thoughts about how charities are using the web,
>& whether they could do more to raise funds, as most large charities now
>accept donations online (one of my clients is the Red Cross). And about
>commercial websites are using charity donations as incentives, rewards and
>so on.
>Does anyone have experience of offering a charity donation as an incentive
>for a visitor to do something (eg register their e-mail address, or
>to log off)? This seems to be a growing phenomenon, but I haven't been
>to find reliable information about its effectiveness.
>If anyone here would be interested in offering Red Cross donations as
>incentives, or would be able to offer space, or thinks the Red Cross could
>be useful to them any other way, please get in touch - I would be very
>interested to hear any ideas.
>Many thanks for any feedback,
>Richard Stephens


Try contacting totalise.co.uk (Peter Gregory) They've recently run two
campaigns( for Venezuala and Mozambique after floods) donating �10 for each
new signing to the ISP for a limited time. I think they've donated about
�120,000 in this way and may be considering a regular scheme of donations.I
believe the founder has a background in medicine so may be particularly
interested in charities like the Red Cross.
The other model you could look at is the hungersite.com (donations for
made by commercial sponsors) Personally I feel uncomfortable clicking away
here every day because all the sponsors are American companies and I know
I'm not giving them anything back. There must be room for something similar
this side of the Atlantic.

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