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Subject: UKNM: .comrades continued...
From: Jeraint Hazan
Date: Sat, 25 Mar 2000 14:39:29 GMT

Further to Mike Hales and Leslie Bunder's good advice, I am currently
forming the first ever joint venture company with the TUC, based around
learnOnline. David Blunkett (DFEE) and John Monks (TUC Gen Sec) are
launching it on Tuesday morning at Congress House. I raised a similar issue
with the Head of their National Education Centre (my counterpart at TUC)
concerning contractors (especially IT/New Media) and the changes in
employment status and said that there was a massive market (with money!) out
there for TUC to grab. I would be happy to help get things started if there
is enough interest from within the industry (employers like me as well as
contractors!) as I feel that it would really help make the industry more
mature, help support freelance/contract issues and I know the TUC are a lot
more focused on service and are really committed to modernisation as opposed
to just lip service.

I agree with Mike that there isn't really an existing union up to it as they
couldn't keep up with pace! We would need a new one created, which would be
fun. I had meetings with Peter Skyte from ITPA (part of MSF) some years ago
and I am not sure how successful his push on signing up IT contractors has

Is there anyone out there (Mike - NMA?) that could do survey on issue, which
would help me introduce idea properly?


Jeraint Hazan
Chief Executive
2-6 Kendall Place
London W1H 3AH
t: 0207 224 7771
f: 0207 935 2252
m: 07971 670280
e: jeraintatlearnonline [dot] org [dot] uk

> From: Billy Hasirci[SMTP:billyatpopcorn [dot] co [dot] uk]
> Sent: 22 March 2000 14:17
> To: uk-netmarketingatchinwag [dot] com
> Subject: UKNM: .comrades
> <to the sound of the Internationale>
> Does anyone know of a New Media Trade Union? I guess it is currently
> broken
> into journalism etc but I wondered whether there was a broader one.
> Thanks
> Billy

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