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Subject: Re: UKNM: Introduction
From: Paul Cook
Date: Wed, 13 May 1998 16:49:57 +0100

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At 05:16 PM 12/05/98 +0100, you wrote:
>I have used Webtrands for the past year - finding it an excellent tool for
>our own site and our clients internet and intranet sites.
>Stuart J. Waite
>Technical Services Director
>Module Communications Group Ltd.
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>From: Dominic Taylor <dominicatbiomednet [dot] com>
>To: 'uk-netmarketingatchinwag [dot] com' <uk-netmarketingatchinwag [dot] com>
>Date: 12 May 1998 18:05
>Subject: RE: UKNM: Introduction
>>We are currently buying an off-the-shelf software package to analyse our
>>access logs. The ones we are looking at are WebTrends and HitList. Has
>>anyone on the list had experience of these two packages? Our site
>>currently receives around 2.5 million page accesses a month with about
>>9,000 distinct users a day.
>>While most of the log analysis software on the market provides the usual
>>daily breakdowns, we have had problems finding a package to analyse
>>repeat usage. As our site requires registration and password entry so
>>we can track distinct users on our log files. Any suggestions?
>>Dominic Taylor - Marketing Manager - BioMedNet Ltd.
>>The Internet Community for Biological and Medical Researchers
>>Middlesex House, 34-42 Cleveland Street, London, W1P 6LB, UK
>>Tel: +44 (0)171 323 0323, Fax: +44 (0)171 631 0819
>>dominicatbiomednet [dot] com (mailto:dominicatbiomednet [dot] com) WWW: http://biomednet.com
>>BioMedNet2 launches 18th May 1998
>>Beta-test site now live at http://bmnlive.biomednet.com
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>> From: James Graham [SMTP:james_grahamatx400 [dot] icl [dot] co [dot] uk]
>> Sent: Monday, May 11, 1998 8:12 PM
>> To: uk-netmarketingatchinwag [dot] com
>> Subject: UKNM: Introduction
>> Hi everyone,
>> Just joined the list so a brief introduction.
>> I'am the MD of a company in the UK which has developed a website
>>tracking utility
>> that is being marketed towards the internet community of web
>> The site has just gone live and I've just got started with the
>>promotion plan.

>> Since our service is designed for websites our market place is
>>totally global
>> which makes for some interesting issues. Hope this list will
>>help me resolve some
>> of them.
>> Regards
>> James Graham
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  Re: UKNM: Introduction, Stuart Waite

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