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Subject: Re: UKNM: UK is leader in e-commerce
From: Tomski
Date: Tue, 18 May 1999 15:05:30 +0100

read 'clueless academic sees crappy boosterish e-commerce research as a
route to funding'

absolute rubbish, as the person who wrote the article below now understands


>...or at least that's what the headline in yesterday's London Metro paper
>read. I tried to find a link online for this story, but there doesn't seem
>to be a news archive at the website. I thought the headline was surprising,
>but then I read on...
>"British Telecom and Tesco are helping the UK lead the way in global
>Internet shopping, according to a survey published yesterday. The London
>School of Economics study found that the retail and communication giants
>were amongst the multinationals with the best ecommerce services on the
>The '1999' Worldwide Web 100' survey saw German airline Lufthansa claim top
>Tesco was second followed by BT while British Airways ranked fifth overall.
>The survey found European companies, which had been considered slow to
>develop e-commerce, were catching up with their US rivals, with six out of
>the top ten rankings claimed by European firms."
>Other European firms with honourable mentions: Deutsche Telekom, Deutsche
>They also claimed, "the e-commerce market has grown from practical
>non-existence in 1997 to a �100bn industry today".
>OK, after I'd read it a second time, I began to wonder if this information
>could actually be true. From my own personal experience, I couldn't quite
>believe the companies quoted were really that far ahead of the game,
>particularly of the huge US presence in ecommerce. If you're talking about
>multinationals, surely the likes of Amazon.com, BOL, CDNow, et al. are
>leading the way in ecommerce? Maybe I'm missing something (the scope of the
>report), but it seemed quite misleading.
>Do other list members share the reports conclusions? Is the UK/Europe
>really gaining groung on the established US players in e-commerce?

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