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Subject: UKNM: UK is a leader in e-commerce
From: Giles Turnbull
Date: Wed, 19 May 1999 15:58:11 +0100

... or then again, perhaps it isn't. Here's today's story, which conflicts
somewhat with the Tesco/BT one that started this thread:

> A high-level report on the Government's progress on e-commerce
> legislation dubbed it a disastrous failure today.
> The report, published this morning by the Trade and Industry Select
> Committee, closely examined the proposals for an E-Commerce Bill, and
> surrounding issues.
> The Select Committee, chaired by Labour MP Martin O'Neill, said that
> some of the DTI proposals were ``not fit to be written into law'' and
> would be ``a damaging and embarrassing failure.''
> On the subject of key escrow, which would provide security services
> with a back-door to confidential communications, the report said: ``We
> can see no benefits arising from Government promotion of key escrow
> or key recovery technology.''
> It concludes that the UK's reputation ``for electronic commerce is now
> severely damaged''.
> Caspar Bowden, of the independent Foundation for Information Policy
> Research (FIPR), described the report as ``a relentless castigation of
> squandered opportunities, loss of political control, and
> unaccountable policy failures in the face of near unanimous
> opposition''.
> He added: ``The Government should extend the remit of the Cabinet
> Office E-Commerce Unit beyond July, and create a high-level
> technically trained staff to co-ordinate implementation of e-commerce
> policy across departments.''
More to come later on.


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