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Subject: Re: UKNM: Search Engines and Shopping Malls ?
From: jason
Date: Tue, 30 May 2000 12:01:07 +0100

> Do you think that it is fair to the consumer that companies can get within
> the 1st 5 listings of a search engine via payments and technical trickery


> Are we really giving the consumer a choice ?

The net does give the consumer more choice. It depends whether
the consumer can be bothered to do more than just go to the
recommended sites offered by their isp service for example..

> Are we being governed on the net by companies that have financial clout ?

Yes - but then I presume off the net the same rules apply - Johnny
Green Grocer isn't exactly going to be able to advertise at the
same level as Tesco?

> What is going to happen to the small to meduim size web company ?

Go under, get bought out, or manage by luck to become a big
company with financial clout - then they get the choice to become
one and the same as the rest or lead by example.

> www.isram.net

I note your site has a subscription service so sites can get a more
emphasised listing - c'est la vie I suppose!


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