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Subject: UKNM: Best tools for the job.
From: Stewart Dean
Date: Wed, 31 May 2000 10:56:04 +0100

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> On Tuesday, May 30, 2000 4:12 PM, Stewart Dean [SMTP:SDeanatScient [dot] com]
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> > In effect many people are still building e-businesses like
> they are just
> > made out of independent parts. A database from one place, a database
> coding
> > solution from another, get a content management system, get
> someone to set
> > it up for you, get a design house to make it all look pretty...
> >
> > No wonder so many sites have Frankenstein like qualities.
> Hmm, didn't Frankenstein's monster live for more than 6 months?
> Anyway, whilst I get my coat, isn't it preferable to use the
> best tools for
> the job Stewart?

Yep. But sometimes the best generic tool is not good for your job. You can
also get the right tool, like Vignette's content management tool, and then
use it totally wrong - meaning it can only serve 100 people at time instead
of the huge amounts it could if it's properly set up.

There are also platform / solution bigots who, even before the problem is
properly speced, will already know they are going to use server x with
database y and content management system z. The best solution isn't always a
sun box with oracle for example.

Equally there are design bigots who decide before they start a project the
will or will not use frames/flash/dynamic Html etc.

Sometimes theses bigots can be customers. If a client ever comes to you and
says 'I want a flash site' but doesn't know what they want it to do my
advice is to take them down the pub and give them a nice talk about setting
goals before creating solutions.

Okay - public moan over. You know who you are out there!


As a foot note - all those who have said previously - 'Flash for e-commerce
is a bad idea' take a look at this:


Now I'm not saying Flash is always the best solution....

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