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Subject: RE: UKNM: CD Business Cards
From: Kristin Lyon
Date: Wed, 31 May 2000 12:05:01 +0100

I too have had that experience. They aren't guaranteed to run. Mini CD
discs however have been much more effective.


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Subject: RE: UKNM: CD Business Cards

The people who make these things advertise in NMA regularly. When I looked
at it in detail about a year ago, for a small run like you are talking
about, they were quoting in the region of 5 per piece.

In terms of problems, anecdotally I have heard that they do not work very
well in tower systems as they tend to fall out of the slot in a vertical
drive - but I have no first hand evidence that that is the case.


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Subject: UKNM: CD Business Cards

Hi All,

We have a corporate Flash presentation and are looking to have 100 Business
Cards that can be used in the CD-Rom of a PC.

Does anyone know of anyone that can produce these and how much it could
possibly cost? Has anyone experienced any problems with the use of these



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