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Subject: UKNM: Re: UKNM Digest V1 #106
From: Ian Tester
Date: Fri, 13 Nov 1998 16:25:19 +0000 (GMT)

I actually am sometimes impressed with the way BT tailor their copy: it's
really not true to say they don't tailor to individual sites. Take the BT
Highway campaign. 9 pieces of copy that I can recall, all well tailored to
the individual sites they were placed on: a few examples -

Overall theme of campaign (I guess!) = speed and convenience, so a few

Tailored for gamers: Kill your friends more quickly, and insult them on the
phone at the same time

"loaded-style" audience: "Be quicker at pulling - information off the web"
"Hey you! Don't be a wimp!"
Techie sites (vnunet etc): "28k out of date - 56k up to date - 128k cutting
edge""does your PC plod?"
Car sites; "the web just found a new accelerator"
as well as a few pieces of more general copy.

However, in truth, althought this kind of tailoring is on the increase, it
is far from being the norm. Advertisers will get wiser.....

Date: Tue, 10 Nov 1998 14:34:10 +0000
From: Geoffrey [dot] Innsatexpress [dot] co [dot] uk (Geoffrey Inns)
Subject: Re[2]: UKNM: online ad tolerance collapsing

Maybe a lot of online advertisers are in that in-between stage, from
accepting the medium to using it in its proper fashion i.e. within individual

We have advertisers such as BT on our sites whose banners are the same for
every site they advertise on, regardless of content. You know that I am now going
to advocate individual tailoring of banner creative and that there are high
costs associated with this.

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