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Subject: Re: UKNM: freeserve [cheaper bandwidth please]
From: Sajid Mohammed
Date: Mon, 23 Nov 1998 17:37:58 +0000 (GMT)

---Stefan Magdalinski <stefanatisness [dot] org> wrote:
[Freeserve propaganda snipped]
> And Sajid, what does this say about "the market of people who want to
> get online and can't for a variety of reasons." that Interactive TV and
> thin clients are supposed to crack?

First off, without wishing to libel Freeserve, I give little credence
to this figure of 475,000. It does demonstrate however that the
consumer market is ripe for development - all credit to Freeserve for
their vision.

Yes Stefan we do all know the internet is growing thanks - I've been
using the damn thing for eight years now so I had noticed. The burning
issue around internet growth relates to penetration of the consumer
sector - the mass market which has not been sufficiently exploited in
comparison to our stateside chums.

Intel themselves have pointed out that the high cost of ownership
(thanks to the Dixons hegemony having 50% of the market) has limited
high uptake of PCs in households in the UK. Thin client technology
eliminates this problem by altering the cost structure to one where
people can rent the hardware at a relatively low-cost bundled in with
a service offering.

Yes, the lack of Java & Real support in many of the first generation
of devices coming to market will prove to be a sticking point - surely
the first stratagem of any good PR company to discredit thin clients
would be to point out the lack of extensibility in comparison to PCs.
Existing users will probably find this immensely frustrating - new
users will probably relish the zero-administration aspect of these
devices. Newbies won't share the spiritually uplifting experience of
staying up till three in the morning trying to get MacPPP to work...

The other key aspect of InTV delivered by cable is that (hopefully)
the cable operators will be able to offer higher bandwidth at low
cost, as opposed to xDSL or Home Highway. Slow access rates via
analogue lines & modem are another deterrent factor in the growth of
the consumer market.

Longer term will people put up with a dribble of data coming down the
line at a whopping 78 bytes/sec as I was getting recently from a
certain ISP? I know NTL won't be offering fast access next year with
their analogue TV/Internet combo but I would hope and pray that C&W
are planning to offer cable modem access with their offering.

This also feeds into another debate about the high cost of telephony
which ails us all. Until Oftel get their act together and force down
the cost of getting online in style, it's going to make our collective

task all that much harder.

Are Freeserve offering free ISDN dial-up? Will C&W be offering cable
modem access? Answers please...

Sajid Mohammed
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