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Subject: UKNM: Which? UK Net Survey
From: Trevor May
Date: Wed, 25 Nov 1998 19:37:35 +0000 (GMT)

For those of you that didn't see this:

<from NUA Internet Surveys http://www.nua.ie>

Which? Online: Britons Threatened by the Net

While three-quarters of the British population accept that the
Internet is here to say, 58 percent believe that it is a threat to
morality. This is according to the findings of the Which?Online
annual Internet user study.

Almost half of those surveyed believe that the Net encourages fraud,
and a third believe it poses a threat to national security. Further,
two thirds say that the Net helps to promote religious extremists
and organisations with racist agendas.

72 percent of respondents believe that the Net should be regulated
and just 13 percent of respondents say that would allow their
children to use the Internet unsupervised.

The study estimates that there are now 8 million Internet users in
Britain. The typical Internet user is male, under 35, in a
high-income job and in living in a household without children. 75
percent of users spend less than five hours per week online and 81
percent have never bought anything over the Internet.

The findings are based on a telephone survey of 2,124 Britons, in the
spring of 1998. It was conducted by MORI research.



A threat to national security? I think some people have been watching
Mission Impossible a little too much!

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