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Subject: Re: UKNM: Scrounge ;-)
From: Dom Graveson
Date: Sun, 25 Oct 1998 13:53:12 GMT

Id love to... Id find it easier if you told us what the objectives of the
site are... hat is the design supposed to achieve? It looks nice, but I think one has
to be really sure about what the design is setting out to do.

But I personally think this is great stuff, we should be asking more often
for peoples comments or 'rate or slate' on sites built by subscribers to
this list... Maybe we should have a review and comment sharing list?


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From: Nick Sellors <nickatderby [dot] org>
To: uk-netmarketingatchinwag [dot] com
Date: 23 October 1998 09:07
Subject: UKNM: Scrounge ;-)

>Could any of the professional designers on here do me a favour and
>mail me (on-list or privately) their thoughts on
>http://www.derby.org/clare/ ?
>Just the quality of the design/layout/navigation - that kind of
>I'd appreciate it.
>Nick Sellors [email protected] derby.org
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